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Using a Legal staffing firm
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Do you need assistance from a Legal staffing firm?

As a law firm, why should we use a legal staffing firm as part of our recruitment process? What does JD Hiring stand for?

There are several benefits of using a legal staffing firm. When recruiting for legal staff, a recruitment firm can be a huge time saving device, eliminating the need to prepare advertisements, manage inquiries and review countless candidate resumés. Using a legal staffing firm is the best way to target the most desirable and appropriate candidates for a particular position. Often, these candidates are doing well in their current positions, are not actively seeking new positions, and must be specifically targeted for a particular position. Because these attorneys are not actively seeking employment, chances are, they are not routinely perusing job postings or submitting resumés directly.


Targeting and recruiting the most desirable candidates is where JD Hiring can be an invaluable asset to your hiring process. At JD Hiring, we know and understand the legal markets in which we search. Our professionals have practiced as lawyers at top firms. In addition to our knowledge of the legal community, we have an established network of legal contacts. As a legal staffing firm, we have many combined years of recruiting, consulting and law firm hiring experience. At JD Hiring, we take our job as a legal staffing firm very seriously and have established a rigorous evaluation process that is specifically tailored to suit your workplace requirements.

As an employer, how do we ensure JD Hiring will target and recommend qualified candidates?

When JD Hiring recruits for a legal staffing position, we meet with the law firm, establish a prioritized list of qualifications and criteria, then plug that data into an intensive evaluation process that serves to filter the best candidates. This assures that only the most qualified candidates are referred to the position. Our process is a proven method of matching legal staff to law firm. This process allows us to approach appropriate candidates with the most in-depth information possible.


In addition, prior to referral, JD Hiring meets with each candidate to ascertain information which may not have been fully expressed on a resumé. This information will usually include reasons for any job moves, results of performance reviews, professional goals, and how a person presents him or herself. Then, if the attorney is an appropriate fit, we provide information about the firm or company and the position. These specific efforts help to ensure that the candidates that we present are both a good fit for the position and well informed.

How does JD Hiring charge for Its services?

Employers will be charged for our services only if the employer hires a candidate presented by JD Hiring. Specifically, with limited exceptions, our fees are on a contingency basis, thus eliminating the risk that a client will be forced to pay for a service without the desired end result. As a legal staffing firm, we are paid only when we place a candidate within a firm or company.

As a recent law graduate, should I work with a legal search firm?

As a general rule, a legal search firm may serve as an impediment to a recent law school graduate (less than a year out). Reputable law firms and corporations are rarely willing to pay a placement fee for candidates with less than one year of legal experience. There are only few exceptions to this case. As a recent law school graduate, it is important to use the resources available to you through your law school placement office, as well as through advertisements and networking.

Can JD Hiring assist me in my search and placement process In any area of the country?

Yes, as a nationwide legal staffing firm, JD Hiring has facilitated placements throughout the country. We have relationships with outstanding recruiting firms in virtually every major metropolitan area, and we work closely with these recruiters in order to assist a candidate intending to relocate to another part of the country. Truth be told, it can be quite an intimidating process to approach a new legal market without familiarity and established network connections. JD Hiring can help direct you to an appropriate search firm who shares our commitment to ethics, integrity and client service.