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JD Hiring is the choice legal recruitment agency. 

From coast to coast, we connect top law firms with quality legal talent.

JD Hiring is a legal recruiting and staffing firm with offices in Beverly Hills, Phoenix and New York City. Our recruitment software application process simplifies the process of locating qualified legal talent. By representing both legal staff and law firms, we serve as a conduit, matching top-level talent with reputable law firms throughout the country.

What is JD Hiring?

As a legal hiring firm, we link partners, practice groups, counsels, associates, legal secretaries and paralegals with top-ranking law firms across the country. This allows us to perform a three-way function; as a direct soliciting firm, a legal hiring firm and also a human resource firm for other legal outfits.

We stand on the pathway that links employees to employers, servicing both parties to ensure that we fulfill our role as a legal hiring firm.

We are proud to say that JD Hiring is the best legal hiring firm you will find anywhere. Our evaluation process ensures that we recommend the most qualified legal talent to handle your toughest litigation cases. We have access to a diversified staff of legal professionals, from partner to paralegal. Best of all, we take the time to make sure that staff recommendations have been adequately screened and meet your hiring criteria.

As a company, we have several years experience under our belt. As a legal hiring firm, this places us in a position to resolve your staffing needs by relying on an extensive pool of resources, such as nationwide networks, access to top-level talent and effective evaluation processes.

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